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Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation stands for a texture & complexion refreshing treatment, and it is undoubtedly different from Laser skin treatment. In no doubt, anything can happen to skin because of extreme exposure to sunlight such as pigmentation, age, sun spots, and premature aging. Not only does Photo Rejuvenation helps in recovering from the unwanted skin outer face abnormalities but also make one appear Younger.

Answering the basic questionnaire in relation to this treatment, cooper clinic professionals make use of VPL System, i.e., Variable Pulsed Light System as per which highly energetic beams of Light (also acknowledged as Optical light) surge through once layers’ of Skin and focuses on the skin pigmentation within the suppressed tissues and further, enhances the complexion and eliminate faded pigmentation via enforced production of collagen (structural protein

recognized in Skin as well as connective tissues). In noteworthy of mentioning, VPL System is only applicable for skin abnormalities at specific places akin to face, the bottom of hands and décolletage.

Photo Rejuvenation is distinctive from pigmentation skin treatment as in the course of Photo Rejuvenation, the pigment is forced to reach the surface of the skin through VPL and shreds.

Photo Rejuvenation Treatment with Cooper Clinic experts is slate as per the comfort level of the patient. More often, during the treatment only a firm sensation occurs in the body, otherwise, the treatment does not hurt at all. Indeed, this light treatment is better than any skin laser treatment as Laser affects the surrounding area of akin along with the already affected area.

In this Era, with the granting of Skincare services akin to Photo Rejuvenation, Cooper Clinic is aiming towards the elimination of complexion treatment or skin abnormalities treatment through costly surgeries which are undoubtedly painful, risky and comes with no guarantee of enhancement in the long run. At Cooper Clinic, quick recovery is claimed.

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