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Day Care Surgery

Cooper consultants clinic has well equipped operation theater where day care surgery is performed under spinal / local anesthesia. All day care surgical procedures pertaining to hernias , haemorrhoid , breast lump , hydrocele, lipoma , sebaceous cyst , ganglion , circumcision etc are performed safely.

Dept. of Medicine

Consultation services are provided for various disorders related to heart & lungs, gastrointestinal disorders , liver and billiary tract diseases kidney and other urologic problems, diabetes and endocrine disorders, common and specific problems in infectious diseases and antimicrobial treatment , geriatric disorders and women health issues , Rheumatologic and immunologic disorders, electrolyte and acid base disorders and issues pertaining to neuro medicine .

Gynae & Obs

Consultation and counseling facilities are available for emotional symptoms related to premenstrual syndrom or premenstrual tension, other menstrual disorders , polycystic ovary syndrom ( PCOS ) , hirsutism, antenatal and postnatal care and pregnancy related issues like abortion and lactation , pelvic inflammatory diseases , anaemia and nutritional disorders , female sexual dysfunction , infertility and contraception issues , menopausal syndrom , osteoporosis . special advice & counseling for pregnant ladies having issues like diabetes , anaemia, thyroid disease , high blood pressure and other cardiac issues , asthma , epilepsy and other neurolgic disorders ,HIV /AIDS , tuberculosis , herpese genitalis , gallstones , issues related to fibroid and cancers of reproductive tract .

Eye Department

Eye department is equipped with state of art machinery and offers services for phacocatract , glaucoma , squint , DCR surgery . facilities of computerised eye testing and A&B scan are available. It also provide facility of lasik surgery , OCT , pachey metery , yogl and organon laser .

Pediatrics Department

Competently handles issues like feeding and nutritional problems , food allergy , spitting up liquids , slow weight gain, developmental delays , sleeping difficulties , bed wetting , immunization advice , abdominal disorders , infectious disorders , pulmonary diseases , renal disorders, endocrine and genetics , rheumatologic diseases, cardiac concerns in children , haematology and oncology issues etc.

E.N.T Department

ENT or otolaryngology services are concerned with the diagnoses and treatment of broad range of ear , nose, throat , head and neck problems , common examples include sore throat, tonsilitis , sinus problems , ear infection , nasal obstruction , hearing impairment / loss .It also encompasses various cancers of oral cavity , thyroid and neck . Also offers reconstructive surgery for injury or deformity etc .

Orthopedic Department

Offers diagnosis , correction , prevention and management of issues of the patients present with skeletal deformities like disorders of bone , joints , muscles , ligaments , tendons , nerves etc, that make up musculoskeletal system and allows you to move, work and be active.

Ultrasound Department

An ultrasound scan , also referred to as a sonogram is a device that uses high frequency sound waves to capture images from inside body of various organs like heart , blood vessels, liver , gallbladder, spleen , kidneys , pancrease, bladder , uterus , ovaries , eyes , thyroid and testicles etc . Doctors employs ultrasound imaging in diagnoses of wide variety of conditions affecting these organs . For a pregnant woman doctor use ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy , the condition and age of fetus & date of delivery . The procedure is non invasive and used to monitor an unborn baby�s health and detect potential problems .

Cooper Clinic

F61/9, Block # 4, Kehkashan, Clifton,Opposite Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar Behind Arizona Grill Restaurant, Karachi

About Us

The Cooper Consultants Clinic is a state of the art medical, day-care surgical, diagnostic and lab center conveniently located in the heart of Clifton, Karachi .

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Mon to Sat : 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM